The Canadian government rewards entrepreneurs and investors who choose Canada to open their business and invest their money. There are several different programs that fall under the category of business and investment immigration. Some operate at a national level and others at a provincial level. North Horizon Immigration Consulting focuses on 5 active investment programs that require operating a business. Although each program has its own set of conditions and processes, they can all provide the opportunity for a foreign national to get Canadian permanent residency.

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This program is available for artists or athletes who can prove they will be self-employed upon immigrating to Canada. The applicants must have 2 years of self-employment or international experience. They must provide proof and a business plan to describe how they will earn money as self-employed and contribute to the Canadian economic and cultural growth.




The province of British Columbia has a program for entrepreneurs from around the world who wish to start a new business or purchase and expand an existing business while creating a new job for a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident. In return for their investment, the entrepreneur and his family can receive their Canadian permanent residency.



This program applies to citizens of any country who have a business idea or a project they would like to start and operate in Canada. The first step is to apply for an “Owner/Operator LMIA” to show the value that this project will bring to the Canadian labour market (ie. it will create jobs).



The government of Canada welcomes investors from different countries around the world to start a new business or purchase an existing business and move to Canada to actively operate it. The investor program is available to citizens of countries who have a free trade agreement with Canada with an investor clause put into force.



This program is perfect for companies of any size who wish to open a subsidiary in Canada and transfer one or more employees to operate the Canadian company. Usually, the first person to be transferred is one of the company owners followed by a specialized worker. 

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Business and investment immigration is one of our special areas of expertise at North Horizon Immigration Consulting. If you would like to participate in one of these programs, we encourage you to book an appointment with our regulated immigration consultant and talk about all the details.

Matching you with a Canadian business or Start-up

If you would like to invest in Canada but you do not know if you should start your own business or purchase a business in Canada, you will love our matching program. We will introduce you to Canadian business owners and Start-up entrepreneurs who are looking for partners and investment to grow their project. Fill out the short survey bellow.


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