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Rita Benkhalti R512761 Verify Status with ICCRC


Rita is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Member #R512761 with several years of experience working in different countries with people from all over the world. Her dedication to building a successful and professional business have led her to receive the Female Entrepreneur Award for 2019 form the Francophone Chamber of Commerce.


Her personal diverse cultural heritage provides her with a unique world view that eventually lead her to her current career, helping people from all over the world immigrate to Canada. Her mother is from Argentina, her father from Morocco, and she was born in the USA. Rita’s Canadian identity was shaped through living in Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver. She dedicates her business, volunteer hours, and personal life to serving immigrants who wish to contribute to the development of the Canadian economy and culture.


Not surprisingly, Rita studied a Bachelors in Global Political science at York University in Toronto, a Masters of International Relations at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, and a Canadian Immigration diploma at Ashton College in Vancouver. She is fluent in Spanish, Arabic, French and English and has plans to keep learning more languages in the future. She is dedicated to creating peace, understanding and cooperation between different cultures.



Jhandra was born in Venezuela, where she studied a bachelor’s in international trade. Her passion for foreign business led to her to move to the south of France, Toulouse in 2016. Her goal was to study French and a master’s degree in the University of Right and Economy of Toulouse. After 2 years working, studying and travel in Europe, she decided to come back to America, and she arrived in Canada to improve her English as student at Canada College in Montreal. Currently Fluent in Spanish, English and French, she moved to Vancouver in 2019 to achieve a new goal her career. Living far away from her family and having gone through the immigration systems of two countries already, Jhandra knows how it feels to be an immigrant. This has inspired her to be part of the North Horizon Immigration team and help clients create their projects and a new life with success through the Canadian immigration programs.


Maria Teresa was born and raised in Mexico City, where she studied classical music and opera. In 2013 she started a family business, where she was in charge of the accounting and administrative part.
She decides to immigrate to Canada as a student at Capilano University, where he graduates from Accounting Assistant and bookkeeping. After several years of experience as a bookkeeper in Canada, Maria Teresa arrives in North Horizon, very happy to offer our business clients her experience and knowledge with the accounting of their companies in Canada. María Teresa is fluent in Spanish and English. In her spare time she is part of a choir where she continues to cultivate her passion for music and singing.


Julio’s background includes academic studies in Cuba where he attended the Frank País Educational Institute to become and English teacher, and Canada where he obtained a double major from the University of British Columbia, specializing in Spanish and French languages. Recently, he obtained a certificate as Community Interpreter from the Vancouver School of Interpreting and Translation. Originally from Santiago de Cuba, Julio has been living in Canada since 2000. In addition to his studies, he has dedicated more than 10 years of his life in Canada to work as a cultural events promoter, which in turn has enabled him to accumulate substantial experience in the world of marketing. As his job title indicates, Julio is in charge of letting the whole world know about North Horizon Immigration. Being an immigrant himself, he takes great pride in having a job that allows him to help others come to Canada, a country he highly values as the most welcoming nation in the world. In his spare time, Julio teaches dance lessons, so don’t be surprised if you see him featuring in a YouTube video somewhere!


Paul the Polar Bear was born in northern Canada and loves to represent the values ​​of his country. You will notice that he wears the uniform of the RCMP, the Canadian Mounted Police, recognized as a symbol of the peace and order of the Canadian society. Paul is responsible for public relations at North Horizon Immigration Consulting. He loves traveling around the world to spread information about our services, Canadian immigration procedures, and the multicultural values ​​of our country. You can follow his adventures on our Instagram account.


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