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Express Entry is an online program for Permanent Residency.
It is a program that selects the candidates with the most points based on a scale that considers age, level of education, work history, language skills and job offer in Canada.
To join this system you must qualify under one of these categories : skilled worker, Canadian experience class, federal trades skilled worker.

Due to high competition, many of the people who get selected have either already worked one year in Canada or have a qualifying job offer.
However, we have identified a magic formula to get selected if you are living outside of Canada and do not have a job offer.

Magic Formula for Express Entry

Magic Formula for Express Entry

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How the process works:

First you send your Express Entry registration and get a score, called the CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System).
In order to register, you will need your language tests results and your educational assessments. Then you wait to be selected, receiving an invitation to apply. Here is where your PR process actually starts.
At this stage you need to send all the supporting documents to prove the information you sent in your registration. For example, letters of employment, medical exam, biometrics, proof of settlement funds.

Settlement funds are required for people who do not have one year of work in Canada or who do not have a valid job offer. The amount money you must show in your savings will change in accordance with the terms number of people in your family (spouse and children). This number changes every year. Here is the table for 2020:

Number of
Family Members

Funds Required 2020 (in Canadian dollars)








For each additional family member









If you consider that you qualify for the Express Entry Program, we recommend you book an appointment with our regulated immigration consultant to review all the details of your case and start your application.

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