Increased help for LGBTQ2 refugees

Following the successful Rainbow Refugee Assistance Pilot, the Canadian government has decided to formally introduce the Rainbow Refugee Assistance Partnership; a program that will allow for more privately sponsored LGBTQ2 refugees to establish their homes in Canada.

Privately sponsored refugees differ from government sponsored ones in that they are supported by private individuals or organizations. The sponsors agree to look after the applicant, and must meet a variety of conditions established by the government. It is an initiative that enables individuals and private organizations to offer humanitarian help to non-Canadians they feel strongly connected with, while assuming responsibilities that allow the government more resources at its disposal to assist other refugees.

The Rainbow Refugee Assistance Partnership will permit an increase of LGBTQ2 refugees’ admission from 15 to 50 people yearly. It is consistent with Canada’s commitment to help people from a round the world who face discrimination, violence and death because of their ethnic origin, religion, political views, gender or sexual orientation.

For more information, you can view this official announcement from the Government of Canada.

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