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There is a magic formula to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry. Young professionals can qualify if they have 1 year of work experience in Canada. If they do not, they may be eligible if they have two university degrees, 3 years of work experience, and speak English or French. Discover if you qualify for Express Entry.

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Canadian permanent residency through PNP programs is very common. The province of BC offers programs for workers and international students. The province of Ontario has a unique program for French speakers who also have an intermediate level of English. You might qualify for some of these programs.


Working in Canada usually requires a work permit, which can be a complicated, long and expensive process. We provide options for workers and employers to apply for work permits that are exempt from LMIAs. If you have a job offer with a Canadian employer, you may be eligible for one of these work permit programs.

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Most study programs also give international students authorization to work in Canada during and after their studies. Several graduates also obtain permanent residency after graduation. Get informed on the kinds of study programs that can fit your career goals and join a community of students from around the world in Canada.


Canadian citizens and permanent residents can help some of their family members obtain permanent residency in Canada. There are specific conditions and responsibilities everyone must know before beginning the process. Learn about spouse sponsorship, children sponsorship and other family members included in this program.



Julio’s background includes academic studies in Cuba where he attended the Frank País Educational Institute to become and English teacher, and Canada where he obtained a double major from the University of British Columbia, specializing in Spanish and French languages. Recently, he obtained a certificate as Community Interpreter from the Vancouver School of Interpreting and Translation. Originally from Santiago de Cuba, Julio has been living in Canada since 2000. In addition to his studies, he has dedicated more than 10 years of his life in Canada to work as a cultural events promoter, which in turn has enabled him to accumulate substantial experience in the world of marketing. As his job title indicates, Julio is in charge of letting the whole world know about North Horizon Immigration. Being an immigrant himself, he takes great pride in having a job that allows him to help others come to Canada, a country he highly values as the most welcoming nation in the world. In his spare time, Julio teaches dance lessons, so don’t be surprised if you see him featuring in a YouTube video somewhere!