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Owning a company in Canada requires an appropriate bookkeeping system to organize all business expenses, sales transactions, income, payroll, and inventory. At North Horizon, we offer Bookkeeping services for small businesses registered in Canada to allow us to take care of all the numbers and paperwork-we love doing this!

We have noticed that several of our business clients find it challenging to keep up with their bookkeeping needs for their new Canadian companies. For this reason, we have hired a full-time in-house bookkeeping expert so that we may give small businesses constant adequate support and follow-up on all bookkeeping issues.

Bookkeeping services are very important as they ensure a weekly follow-up for business expenses, income, payroll, inventory and account reconciliation. Having this information well organized is the best way to guarantee not missing any tax payment to the Canadian government and to have all information and documents ready for any business immigration process in the future.

The services offered by North Horizon are:



Create and set up the company’s account with Quickbooks Online to administer the company’s bookkeeping on a virtual platform



Take care of payroll by setting up employees’ pay profile, vacation pay, salaries, etc.



Register the company’s expenses



Register the company’s income and sales



Reconcile monthly transactions



Create monthly reports such as balance sheets and profit/loss



Organize all documents such as bank statements, invoices and receipts in a virtual folder



Provide advice on the most efficient way to prepare invoices and register expenses

The cost for these services is a fixed monthly fee. The value will be determined depending on your company’s size. For example, we look at how many employees you have, how many invoices are issued monthly, if you use several currencies, how many bank transactions and bank account you have and if you keep track of an inventory.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for your Company, please answer a few questions on our online survey you will find below. (It will take less than 2 minutes!)

We will contact you to review your answers and discuss the best way to work together and ensure a well-organized company bookkeeping for 2020.

**It is important not to confuse bookkeeping services with professional accounting services. North Horizon is offering only administrative bookkeeping services to keep your invoices, receipts, payroll and inventory in order. You will also need to hire a Chartered Professional Accountant to prepare your year-end tax declaration and to prepare your tax strategy.**

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